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Rat Clicker RPG is a roleplaying incremental idle game with tons of items, crafting, taping, spellcasting, questing end leveling. Equip most powerful epic set of items gained by completing legendary quests and unlock every talisman to become most prestigious rat slayer in the world.


★ hundreds of randomly generated items
★ 6 item rarity tiers
★ 5 inventory slots
★ 7 crafting materials, various crafting recipes
★ 6 different spells
★ 4 character attributes
★ 4 types of minions
★ 5 powerful talismans - craftable upgrades
★ 31 unique quests to complete - rare and legendary
★ 2 rankings
★ 27 achievements to unlock
★ tons of rats killed, experience gained, items looted

Coming soon: a mystery crafting recipe...

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